TAVISA WB60B PLUS Fully automatic wheel balancer with automatic gauge to the rim and rim diameter, external automatic gauge for rim width, laser for the adhesive weight location and manual brake

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Manufacturer: Tavisa
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  • LED display;
  • Laser line for the adhesive weight location;
  • Automatic gauge for distance to the rim and rim diameter;
  • Automatic external gauge for rim width;
  • Manual brake;
  • Self-diagnostics and self-calibration program;
  • Rim diameter: 10-24”
  • Max tire weight: 70kg;
  • Max tire diameter: 1000mm;
  • Tire width: 1.5-16”;
  • Balancing speed: 230rpm (revolutions per minute);
  • Voltage: 230V; 1ph;
  • Packing dimensions: 70 x 95 x 120cm, weight 110kg;

Standart accessories:

  • Hood
  • Quick release nut 36”;
  • Threaded shaft 36”;
  • Weight plier;
  • ALU wheels cup;
  • Tower spring;
  • Rubber protection for rims;
  • Rim width scale;
  • Cones set 4pcs;
  • 100g weight for calibration;