SPECIAL PRICE! TAVISA TC562B Tire changer for 12-24” rims with help arm for RFT tires, double speed

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Manufacturer: Tavisa
In stock: Yes
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  • Tilting column is automatic;
  • Mounting head locking is pneumatic;
  • Rim clamping from outside: 10-22”
  • Rim clamping from inside: 12-24”
  • Wheel diameter: 1040mm;
  • Wheel width: 3-15”
  • Double speed;
  • Motor power: 0,7kW, 380V, 3ph;
  • Packing dimensions: 120 x 90 x 120cm, weight 350kg;

Standart accessories:

  • Help arm(tecnoroller) for low profile tires;
  • Tire bead tool;
  • Tire inflation gauge;
  • Plastic protections for bead breaker, clamping jaws and mounting head;