L-2-45D Electro-hydraulic two post lift with mechanical lock release, three stage front and rear arms and double S lift design (8 bending, stronger version)

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Manufacturer: Tavisa
Lifting power: 4500kg
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  • Lifting capacity: 4500 kg;
  • Lifting height: 1880 mm;
  • Minimum lifting height: 90 mm;
  • Column height: 2920 mm;
  • Width between columns: 2830 mm;
  • Overall width of lift: 3420 mm;
  • 3-stage front lifting arms length: 750-1160-1500mm;
  • 3-stage rear lifting arms length: 750-1160-1500mm;
  • Motor power: 2,2 kW;
  • Weight of lift: 560 kg;
  • Lifting time: 50s;
  • Mechanical lock release;
  • Double seal ring protection for cylinder;
  • 3rd generation screw pads;
  • Lifting pad extensions 100mm set(4pcs.);
  • Height limit switch
  • Anchor bolts 10pcs M18x200mm, door protection, tool tray, foot protection, curtains, top column cap;
  • Color BLUE RAL5015;
  • CE certificate


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